• 1

    Relationships are more important than transactions. We believe that well executed transactions are important, but relationships are the foundation for sustainable wealth.
  • 2

    Share the wealth through an equity or profit sharing program. Allow eligible team members to share in the company's success and growth by either participating in ownership or cashflow in the properties.
  • 3

    Build a great team. Hire exceptional, purposeful and driven team members based on their integrity, values, academic and professional excellence.
  • 4

    Energize the hiring process. Hiring an employee should not just be a procedure. It must be inclusive, dynamic and disciplined to ensure good chemistry and cultural fit.
  • 5

    Know your team. Value each individual team member's strengths and understand their weaknesses.
  • 6

    Celebrate mistakes. Leadership is nurtured and developed by sharing and learning from mistakes.
  • 7

    Benchmark everything. Set and clearly define performance metrics. Set company incentives based on aggressive but realistic targets, and maintain audit standards.
  • 8

    Develop and maintain Strategic Partners. Shared values, philosophies, and ethics in business partnerships are the driving force in relationships.
  • 9

    Team member home ownership incentives. Assist team members to own a piece of the rock by providing incentives and other employee-centric solutions to home ownership.
  • 10

    Community Service. We have formalized sustainable programs to support our team members and foster community service.

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